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Automated Marketing

You have a billion things on your mind. Figuring out the complexities of multi-location advertising shouldn’t be one. Our all-in-one solution gives you the expertise you need - right in your pocket.

No spreadsheets, no waiting on phone calls, no judgment.




We believe technology is meant to handle some things better than people. Our software executes time-tested marketing strategies, continuously searching for opportunities to improve your advertising performance across every possible opportunity available on the internet.


Go Multi-channel from the start …

With Eulerity’s platform, you have the power to go completely digital for all your marketing needs. With a touch of a button, our computer science is applied to your advertising to reach your top prospects across Google Search, Social media (including Facebook, Instagram & Snap), thousands of top websites and apps, and Video (YouTube).


Leverage state of the art algorithms …

Everyday your daily advertising spend is allocated through our smart budget feature to unlock the most effective advertising channel. All ads are analyzed over thousands of data points to ensure optimal budget mix across all major ad platforms. Our state of the art machine learning algorithms ensure your marketing goals are met with precision.

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Manage your beautiful creatives …

With our creative suite, you can easily distribute beautiful design for any occasion and purpose. You can browse thousands of editable images & templates or just start from scratch if you’re feeling adventurous.

Our creative wizard makes it easy to access millions of stock images, illustrations, icons, and fonts inside our app. Our media library content is available for use in all your designs.


Explore what’s possible with our state of the art platform

Whether it’s traditional milestones or unconventional choices, we make it easy to plan for the marketing you want.

After creating your accounts, we’ll apply our advertising expertise and relevant external data to help optimize your marketing efforts. All without ever requiring you to talk to anyone.


Our marketing engine is built on serious BRAINPOWER …

Our deeply experienced team of experts apply their best thinking and detailed calculations to each service we offer.

Not only have they automated time-proven marketing strategies backed by decades of technical experience, they’ve also developed data-driven software to solve thousands of marketing challenges for some of the world’s largest brands.


Tanuj Joshi

Has a decade of experience leading product and analytics team across marketing technology firms. Deeply involved in commandeering the product strategy of the Eulerity platform.



Joe Ciaramitaro

Has two decades of experience leading engineering teams across various technology firms including Google and Microsoft. Drives vision, architecture and execution of all things technical at Eulerity.



Adam Chandler

Has two decades of experience leading revenue and operations teams across various technology firms including Yahoo!. Develops and executes Eulerity’s operational and go to market strategy.



Automated advertising at work.

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