Building A Winning Team: How to Recognize and Recruit the Right Talent

By Katherine Li, Recruitment Manager, Eulerity

We are currently experiencing one of the biggest economic shifts to date. The business owners and companies that are fortunate enough to be hiring right now may not know where to start. First thing’s first, it’s important to identify how you plan on finding, recruiting, and nurturing the right talent for your business. Here’s a few crucial components on how to do that.

Talent Drives Your Business

Keep in mind that the recruitment process isn’t just about putting bodies in seats – it’s determining who the right fit is for the specific role. Individuals with the best talent may seem hard to find, but you just need to be looking for the right things. For example, the person must work well with team members, be collaborative, have effective time-management skills, take ownership of their work, and, ultimately, help your business grow.

Conversely, if you hire the wrong talent, you run the risk of them quickly having a detrimental impact on the company you’ve created.

How to Find the Right Talent

You can’t hire quality talent until you find it. To do this, you’ll need to think about where to find the talent you need. It’s also important to create magnetic opportunities. For example, if you are searching for driven and talented engineers, you may want to start at the source. Check with the leading technology-focused schools that offer enriching programs and courses for students that want to pursue a career in engineering. Search for local career fairs and see if you are able to have a booth or presence. Hard workers are consistently looking for a place to put their passion. This could be on LinkedIn, Indeed or even word of mouth. There is no better recommendation than hearing from someone the individual has worked for before, or reviewing previous projects and pieces they have done to build their resume.

People who are job searching are constantly present on networks like LinkedIn, where they can properly display their professionalism, acquire professional recommendations, and keep updated with potential employers. Just as you would scope out their online profile, you must be ready for them to do the same for yours. Make sure your brand’s social media profiles are updated regularly with open positions, highlights on company culture, current projects and accomplishments and more.

Simply think about where the talent you’re looking for should be, and start looking there.

Create Magnetic Opportunities

Quality talent will be looking for strong opportunities to make a difference where they work. When you create your advertisements for open positions, consider what your potential candidates may be scanning it for.

Although competitive pay, time off, and other benefits are important, your listings should also tell potential candidates about your company culture and the types of individuals they’ll be working with. Laying all of this out from the start will help you attract the type of talent you want to hire. Ask yourself and your employees, what makes us stand out from the rest? How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? One great piece of advice is to ask each team member what first attracted them to your company. Use the information they share as a guiding light on what really matters.

Pay Attention Throughout Internships

Top tier team members can always start early. Oftentimes, business owners and brands will hire and train new interns, invest time and effort into their work and career goals, and they either end up pursuing a more senior role at the company, or look elsewhere. If you come across an intern (or in our case, quite a few!) that leaves you not only impressed, but inspired, then it may mean your company is the place for them.

Initially, interns take a position in hopes of learning more about your company, the industry, and the skills they want to acquire in a role they are interested in. All of this has the power to translate into a long-term opportunity. Pay close attention to your interns throughout their entire time with the company. What is their work ethic like, how do they work in a team, have they positively contributed not only to their assigned projects, but also a company as a whole? This shows them that the opportunity they’re looking for exists, and may be right in front of them. Internship is all about instruction and mentorship, but this shouldn’t translate to micro-management. One of the best ways to find quality talent is to let those who currently work or intern for you display their skills and utilize their abilities.

That means you should take time to listen when they think outside the box and even let them make their own mistakes.

When you empower your team to think for themselves, you’ll experience a higher level of employee appreciation and growth. Providing your interns and new team members with the freedom of autonomy gives you more insight into how they think, and a fresh perspective on your organization.

As you gain more insight into the person and their potential, you start to understand if they may be long-term team members. Here at Eulerity, We've seen team members grow at a very accelerated pace due to their contributions and the needs of the company, we've also seen team members move within various departments. We have consistent feedback and growth conversations with our teams to help them understand what needs to be done to get to the next level and always discuss how we, their manager, can provide guidance, support and resources to help them get there!

Share Your Company Culture

Your company culture is important – it drives employee engagement and satisfaction and also gives potential candidates an idea of what working for you will be like. It’s equally important that those who work with you are a good cultural fit. Never exclude interns and temporary employees from joining company events like team-outings, training workshops, etc. The more you include your newest team members in what your company is doing, the faster they’ll acclimate to the environment and become productive members of the team.

Julie Samuels, Eulerity’s Vice President of Customer Success, shared what she looks for in an ideal candidate, saying, “we look for different skill sets and past experiences, but beyond that we really focus on culture-fit and soft-skills. We've built a really special culture at Eulerity and we want to make sure each hire we bring on is aligned with our team values. In particular, I like to look for people who are curious and seek to understand the ‘why’. At Eulerity, we celebrate and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and drive, therefore it is important for our employees to be more than just order takers. I also highly value resourcefulness, which shows initiative and creativity. Lastly, I look for strong communication skills, both verbal and written.”

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