Eulerity pioneered the first all in one AI paid marketing solution for the franchise industry. 


Some of the largest brands adopt Eulerity from the beauty & wellness, QSR, home services, retail and fitness verticals.


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Empower your franchisees.

We don’t believe in one time wonders.

We’re rooted in passive advertising, which means we’ll build you an advertising plan that is seasonality proof. We aim to maximize your marketing returns by following a few simple principles.

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Minimizing your fees

Fees compound over time and eat into your advertising returns. We choose the most efficient marketing channels and pass the benefits of a low fixed monthly fee to you.

Giving you control

Managing your brand assets can prove tough at the local level. Making your franchise system follow these guidelines can be tougher. With the power of Eulerity’s software, manage your images, logos and fonts in one place while enabling your franchisees the creative freedom to customize local ads.

Managing your goals

Marketing goals can be complex to set and harder to achieve. Our state of the art algorithms directly integrate with your preferred analytics partner to optimize towards your top marketing goals. No more lost in translation set up or redundant goal setting. Just simple and effective marketing results.


Time tested marketing strategies meet game changing technology.

Our suite of advertising strategies are grounded in academic research and brought to life by software. We didn’t invent these strategies, but our technology has enabled them to a new generation of marketers. Our software executes these strategies more efficiently than humans ever could. 

Saves time, saves money : No reasons left to procrastinate.

Software you’ll love


Command Center

Approve all activity by Franchisees

Every creative a franchisee customizes can be reviewed by the franchisor before launching across different advertising channels.

Access Real Time Reporting

View real time reporting of your marketing objectives for each your franchise locations - available at your fingertips. Easily identify engagement with our marketing suite. Track which locations are crushing it — and which need help.

Manage Brand Assets Consistently

Upload brand approved stock images, fonts, videos, and logos to allow franchisees to customize local ads promoting their business. No fear of brand control or multiple dropbox links. Just easy marketing options!

The App

Franchisees have access to a custom pre-set up app which is all they need to run the world’s best digital marketing campaign. The app comes preloaded with the brand approved assets and will let you design ads and view reporting from the palm of your hands.

Good news, you have choices.

Better news, we tell you the impact of those choices on your advertising plan. Let our smart algorithms answer questions like:

  • What if search works better than social in my area?

  • What if I aimed for a different audience?

  • What if I want to achieve my goals sooner?

Your advertising mix may change as your marketing goals and consumer brand preferences change. Our software continuously updates to stay on course to achieve the desired business outcome.

Invest a little time in the details

Are there any commitments?

No, you choose how long you want your marketing to run with us and can pause anytime.

How much budget do I need to start ?

We recommend starting with at least $1000/month/location to generate viable marketing results.

What does opening a new account involve?

We will ask you few questions so we can build an advertising plan that suits your needs. Once you agree to a pilot, we'll send you next steps.

Why should I choose you over competitors?

We’re the only service of our type to be completely technology-driven. Manage your advertising from your phone without ever needing to schedule a call or dive into complex spreadsheets.

What if I advertise elsewhere?

You don't need to stop your current advertising to start with us. However, we encourage that you give us a chance and consolidate spend with us once you experience the power of our platform.

Where do you display my ads?

Your ads only go to premium websites and mobile apps. This includes search (Google), Social (Facebook and Instagram), Video (Youtube), and thousands of other premium web destinations.

How do I know Eulerity is working?

Like all marketing campaigns, our algorithms take 60-90 days to hit its stride. You can connect your Google Analytics account to track goals and revenue driven by our software.

Can I choose specific channels?

Yes, in your on-boarding discussion you can specify specific channels you want to activate.